Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Big Sister Cape #2

The dilemma of not having enough light blue fabric to make the cape and hood was resolved by selecting a different fabric from the stash.
This purple fabric is same fabric I use for re-useable grocery bags.  It is 100% polyester or nylon.
I used the same decorative stitch on this cape as first one, but this time the machine skipped stitches on the top side.  Even after changing the needle and adjusting the tension. The decorative stitches on the cape #1 were made with 100% polyester pink surger thread in the needle and bobbin.  This time it was 100% trilobal polyester embroidery thread in both the needle and bobbin.
The skipped stitches did not appear on the pink (back) side, this could be because the fabric and thread colour match so closely.
The most obvious skipped stitches were repaired by hand with a needle and thread.
The grape coloured fabric provides a high contrast to the pink fairy print.
Like the first cape, this one is reversible.
Dear Readers,  Why do you think the Husqvarna Lily skipped some decorative stitches on the second cape but not the first.


  1. I think the purple was an excellent choice! The blue was nice, but the purple really does jazz it up. Could Lily have skipped stitches because of the combo of slippy fabric and slick embroidery thread? I wonder if you used a bobbin thread that wasn't as slick if it would help grab the top thread better.

  2. Corina.. you are a genius! How I wish you were here when I was doing it. Why didn't I think of that. Thanks tons!

  3. LOVE the purple!! I'm sure this cape will be enjoyed as much as the lime green one laying on the floor here after a busy day of being a baby doll blanket, wrapping for a "present" and, of course, a princess cape. Tammy, you know just what little girls love!!


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