Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ornamental Gourds - So colourful.

Look what I bought for a $1.40 CAD!  Yippee!
I just love ornamental gourds, they are so photogenic, plus their textures are wonderful.
  I plan to keep them just to admire until after Halloween.
 Apparently if they dry out properly, they will keep indefinitely.
Then again, at only .35 cents per pound or a $1.40 for the whole basket, they are easily affordable to replace annually. LOL
Pretty sure I have already got my money's worth, playing with them last night and today.
 There may be more photo shoots with these little beauties.
Perhaps they can be props with quilts or sewing machines.  It seems that the simplest things in life can bring such pure joy.
Dear Readers, I have been thinking about watermarks on my pictures.  Many folks are marking photos with copyright year and name.  Have you ever had your photographs stolen?
I feel the watermark takes away from the photo, plus if someone really wants to steal your photo they can remove the watermark. 
Your thoughts?


  1. Very pretty guords, but I'm not ready for fall! No no no! Go go GO AWAY fall!

  2. Wow! those are so expensive down here, how lucky of you to have a good source since they are so fun.

    On watermarking. I truly don't know if I've had a photo stolen, and unless it was one with the kids in it, doubt I would care much. But, I do watermark my photos just so if someone pins something or sees it somewhere, it might send their traffic back to me somehow so I can meet more marvelous people through my blog. That is why I blog in the first place, to connect. I try not to get too hung up about people giving me credit or acknowledgement. I just hope that a tiny bit trickles through to broaden my experience.


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