Monday, September 2, 2013

Remington zigzag sewing machine & threading instructions

Look what I bought for $40 CAD in Winnipeg.  I'm pretty sure this beauty is from the 1950s.  I'm just tickled pink with it.
Even the carrying case is in great shape.
Original pink instruction manual.
Notice the accessory box is still wrapped in plastic and surrounded with a cardboard sheath. 
 Unpacking... was like opening a Christmas gift.
A new motor belt and bobbin winder tire were included. These Japanese vintage machines have the best paint jobs.
 The tension dial is painted pink as well.
I haven't cleaned her up yet but Ms. Remington is in pristine condition.
 Serial Number
Brother International Corporation - Made in Japan
 The accessories were still in original packaging.
Six bobbins packed in plastic as well as two little green felt circles for the thread pool pin.
 An extra light bulb, I hope it still works.
A stitch sample.
As her third owner, I promptly unpacked her suitcase.  Ms. Remington is beautiful.
 I love the smooth lines, she looks fantastic.
And she is a wonderful stitcher!  Light pink thread in the needle.
 Just look at that satin stitch.
 Hot pink thread in the bobbin.
I just wiped the dust off her, brushed out the feed dogs and the bobbin casing.
Haven't even oiled her yet.
 Now she has been relocated to a cabinet, I have big plans for her. 
First she will be outfitted with a new electronic foot pedal as I do not like using a knee bar.
Then she'll be sewn with often. 
January 12, 2020 - update I received an anonymous comment requesting threading instructions. These photos are from the manual.
Threading instructions:

Unfortunately, Ms. Remington is so much lovelier than Pinky.  That I may need to find Pinky a new owner.
For many years I wanted a pink sewing machine... now I have two!  My cup runneth over!

Dear Readers,
Does any one know the year Ms. Remington was manufactured?
Do you have any pink sewing machines?
What is your favourite colour of sewing machine?


  1. I am JEALOUS! Sew what's wrong with having two pink sewing machines?

  2. What a gorgeous machine! I like Pinky also.

  3. Gorgeous machine, I've never heard of a Remington sewing machine. they probably didn't make it to Australia!!

  4. What a sweet machine...and in a perfect colour too :o)

  5. You're so lucky. My Remington didn't come with any of the accessories, it was a thrown in with the cabinet we bought. It's blue rather than pink. I am taking it to a retired Singer technician to be cleaned and maintenanced.

  6. Going by the features - the style of upper tension, buttons instead of a knob for feed dog drop, and no needle position selector or automatic buttonhole mechanics I'd say mid 50s. That's about as close as you'll get for dating it. There just aren't any records for Japanese machines. I collect vintage Brother machines, you can see a few of them here-

    1. Hi Carin,
      Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.
      I looked at your brother sewing machine collection on flickr, you have quite a few sewing machines. I also checked out your sewing projects. Your quilts are fabulous!! The spiral pattern is amazing, as is your embroidered sewing machine cover. You are a very talented person.

      Happy Stitching,


  7. Hi! Thank you for this lovely post, I love learning about other vintage Brothers. I a close relative to your machine, though mine is powder blue. I'd love to update my blog post with a link to this one if you don't mind? Link here:


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