Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Alzheimer's Touch quilt for Dale - Doug's cousin

My husband is holding the quilt top over his head.  Perhaps I should invest in a little clothesline for taking these photos.
This quilt has squares of denim, fake fun fur, mock suede, waffle weave 100% cotton tea toweling, poly-cotton, polyester, nylon and satin. I added ribbons and little bags with five tiny buttons in them for more texture.
 This airplane was embroidered on the square before quilting.
This water flower and my intials with the year were embroidered rather than quilting.
All the little fairies were embroidered instead of quilting the block.  I found machine embroidery on the quilt sandwich quite difficult because these fabrics have stretch and the seam allowances are quite thick.  It took several tries to get the squares hooped.  The ribbons were also a problem while machine embroidering, even though I pinned the ribbons out of the way, the yellow striped ribbon below got stuck in the idt device behind the needle and the machine stitched out the fairy's left eye, nose and mouth in his lap!  So picked out those stitches as best I could and embroidered the remainder of his face by hand.
The three fun fur squares have a button sewn in the centre instead of quilting.
 The fairies are embroidered on the five mock suede blocks.
I used silver metallic thread on the propeller.
It is all finished and ready to be mailed.
 The backing is 100% cotton flannelette.
I free motion quilted heart shaped leaves, jesters' hats, and swirls on some squares, others were quilted using decorative stitches.
 The waffle weave feels bumpy and has stretch to it.
For information about Alzheimer's touch quilts, please visit the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba.

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  1. Thanks for some great fabric texture ideas! The quilt looks great!


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