Thursday, October 3, 2013

Brandon University Anti-bullying quilt top.

I volunteered to piece these pink squares together to make a big quilt top.  The BU anti-bullying society plans to take it to Ottawa in November during the national anti-bullying week and display it on a big vehicle (bus?).  It was a challenge to piece as the squares are different sizes and some are rectangles.  I decided to serge the seams rather sew them to prevent fraying.
My two friends are holding the top while standing on my deck which is 20 feet across.
This quilt top measures roughly 15 feet by 12 feet and there will be another row to make it abou13.5 by 15 which is 202.5 square feet.
The anti-bullying society has been collecting signatures since spring from schools, colleges and community groups in Manitoba.
Someone donated the pink and white striped fabric, which turned out to be excellent to fit the different sizes together.
I hope the effort the group put into cutting fabric, hosting events and collecting these signatures will bring attention to this serious social issue. 

 My block in the anti-bullying quilt top.

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  1. Wow, it's huge! Good job, it must have been a challenge to put together such a big piece. I love the theme, and your embroidered square looks great :)


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