Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Singer Genie 354 - Needle plate fix.

I received this from auntie sandy xo has left a new comment on your post "Singer Genie 354":

"have loved this machine and I do everything with it..don't want to break into a new one..."creature of habit I am"..but the sliding door which hides the bobbin will no longer stay in while I sew..slips out..any ideas?"

I posted her question to the Vintage Sewing Machines group on Facebook.  Cindy Huffman provided this information and photos: 

"Do you see that little black clip? That acts like a spring. She has to slide the plate from the needle side back onto that clip.
 Like this...."
My thanks to Cindy Huffman.  Auntie Sandy I hope this helps you out.

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