Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween costumes - Merry Christmas! Oooops... wrong holiday.

Making this year's costumes was a bit of a challenge.  The pattern used for the cape was a child size Dracula cape that I modified significantly to be Mrs. Claus size and added buttons.  I had the pattern instructions to make the granny hat, but lost the pattern piece.  I used the lid from a vintage enamel bread dough dish to cut a circle that was 18" in diameter.
Doug wore a red shirt, suspenders and he had a set of bells when we went to the party.
I used this free pattern for Santa's hat. The red hat and cape are polar fleece.  I love sewing with polar fleece because it doesn't fray at all and is very forgiving.  The white trim is fake fur which shed all over my table and floor after I cut it.
We had 66 goblins at our door for halloween candy.  The best costumes I saw were three girls dressed as rock, paper and scissors.


  1. Haha, getting into the spirit a wee bit early, are we? Great costumes. Also, that is one very fine husband and dog's nose you have there :) Was Lily trying to help with the Santa hat?

    1. Actually, I believe Lily was trying to crawl into Doug's lap. You know of course all 48 pound springer spaniels think they are lap dogs. lol


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