Sunday, September 27, 2009

Grandma Rose

at  93 yrs young - this photo taken July 2007
My grandma is 95 years old.  She was married at 17.  Grandma got her first and only sewing machine a Singer treadle in the 1930s.  She has not sewn very much in the past five years due to poor health.  Grandma lives in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Canada (434 miles or 700 kilometres west and north of me).  When I went to visit her in August 2009, she insisted on giving me this quilt.

What is neat about Grandma's quilts is that she never buys fabric to make a quilt.  She cuts up old clothes mostly fortrell and polyester then sews it all together on her old treadle.
She pieced the back together with scraps as well.
Then she puts something in the middle (I asked) she can't remember if it was an old housecoat or worn out blanket.  As this quilt is a wee bit thin I suspect it was the housecoat.  Her technique is simple.  She sews the top and bottom right sides together like a pillow case, then turns her quilt stuffs the filling in and sews the bottom shut.  She ties the layers together with yarn.  That's it, Grandma Rose's quilt is finished.

It is not the prettiest fabric, but I think it is beautiful as it is the last quilt my Grandma Rose will ever make for me.
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  1. Your Grandma sounds so much like my mother (93)! Mother didn't quilt but her genes make it hard for me to buy fabric for quilts whent there are so many pieces of clothing to recycle.

  2. Your beautiful grandmother's "use what you have" attitude toward quilting is something to be admired. I think that quilt back is as interesting as the front! My grandma Lillian made quite a few quilt tops with double-knit fabrics when they were popular. Nobody ever quilted one, but we've used them as throws, etc. I like to pull one out now and then and see if I recognize any of the fabrics. Some were scraps from dresses, some from my mom when she went through a phase and was making my dad some leisure suits, etc., LOL.

    You have a real treasure in your grandmother and her quilts!

  3. Oh, Tammy, that's worth it just for the memory! I know you'll cherish it! I posted last week about my grampa-in-law's 100th birthday party - he's originally from Nova Scotia. Gotta love these hardy old timers!

  4. I think your grandmother is just beautiful..and to be able to still sew some is a blessing. I think your quilt is's so filled with a grandmothers love. Happy VTT..have a lovely weekend.

  5. What an amazing grandma you have! Your quilt is just beautiful and how wonderful it was made by someone so special. I like the part she does not buy fabrics to make quilts, much like they did back in the days me, that is a real quilt!! Have a great VTT and thanks for sharing your grandma with us!

  6. I love the pink/blue colour scheme!
    Evelyn in Montreal

  7. The quilt IS indeed beautiful. Your grandmother makes quilts the way my great grandma used to--from leftovers. Sometimes the fact these old quilts are so gorgeous amazes me since they didn't get to go to the fabric and choose the prettiest fabrics available. What a treasure--and so is your grandma.


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