Thursday, September 24, 2009

In the beginning...

Since I am off work with a fractured ankle, I decided to take the plunge to start my own blog, as I enjoy reading other people's blogs so much.

On Wednesday evenings I host "stitch n bitch" a sewing group where my friends and I get together to drink tea and sew.  We sew all kind of things including nylon reusable grocery bags, lunch bags, tote bags, baby quilts, crib sheets, tea towels, table cloths, dinner napkins, baby crib mattress pads, rag quilts, Halloween costumes, ball dresses, cafe curtains, sheer drapes, yoga eyeball pillows and of course quilts all kinds of quilting projects.  We really do not do much bitching but we sure do a lot of laughing.

Tammy's craft emporium is my huge sewing room which was my now grown up son's bedroom.  The emporium is filled up to capacity with sewing machines, thread (I love thread), knitting supplies, fabric, patterns, quilting books, tea pots, tea cups and tea.  The overflow is stored in my grown up daughter's closet and the rumpus room of our basement.  It was a very good thing that my kids grew up so I have their bedrooms to store all my toys.  I lay out my quilt tops on Shannon's queen sized bed.  My ironing board, cutting table, measuring rulers and cutting tools live in the rumpus room along with four sewing machines.  I even have a Piedmont (Pearl) sewing machine in my computer room upstairs!
I collect sewing machines, thread, fabric, books, dvds and patterns.  At the moment, I own 12 sewing machines and one serger.  My oldest sewing machine is a Bernard Stoewer treadle made in Germany in 1910.  My youngest one is a Pfaff QE 4 purchased in March 2009 also German design but made in China.  I have become my own sewing machine techie with my vintage and treadle machines.  I enjoy the challenge of restoring an old sewing machine that was completely ceased up back to sewing lovely precise stitches.  Some say treadle machines are good for varicose veins and circulation in your legs.

I am happily married for 29 years and counting.  My husband (Doug) is my very best friend, the love of my life and soul mate.  One day I was sewing alone in my craft emporium when Doug comes in.  He told me if I knocked out one wall I could fit five more sewing machines in there.  To which I replied "good idea!"  Yup,  I definitely married the right man!


  1. Hi Tammy

    As you know I love to sew. So if it's possible would I be able to join your Wednesday group. Let me know. Also I have an old singer sewing machine at the lake if you are interested.

    Susan N

  2. Hi Susan,
    Yes, we would love to have your fine company at stitch n bitch. I will email you details.

    I am also interested in your old Singer sewing machine. Details please.

  3. Your stitch n bitch sounds like a group I would love to join!


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