Monday, March 11, 2013

A wee bit of sewing in Trenton - Vizslas

In 2009 I made a queen sized card trick quilt for Shannon using tie-dyed batiks. Shannon loves this quilt so much that it was permanently displayed and used on her living room couch. On this visit, her quilt was no where in sight. After about two days, Shannon fesses up, apparently Penny loved the quilt too much....she chewed three little holes in it.
This is Penny, she looks pretty innocent to me. 
Did any one actually see Penny chewing the quilt?  Shannon's says "Trust me, I took the quilt right out of her mouth and gave her a severe scolding".
Shannon owns my favourite sewing machine, so it was a genuine pleasure to repair her quilt.
It was manufactured in Sweden in 1996, many folks believe the 500 series were the best sewing machines Husqvarna made.
Here's Shannon's quilt on a double bed after the repair job.  The three holes were small, only one was chewed through the back layer.
All three were chewed on white squares.  Shannon had some white fabric from a sheet which I used for patches along with stuffing from a recycled mattress pad.
I dropped the feed dogs, set the stitch length to zero and attached a free motion quilting foot.
There was only one hole that needed patch on the top side, the white patch is whiter than the off white square. The other two holes have the patch inside.
Back side.
It took about 15 minutes to fix, then I cleaned out the bobbin casing and set the machine back to straight stitching.
Another look at Penny...the quilt chewing culprit!  Shannon made the denim dog beds from recycled jeans.
Of course a lovely warm fire, makes a dog sleepy.
In July 2012, Shannon & AJ added Veto (dog on the right) to their family.  So now Miss Penny has a brother to chew on.
Have a super duper day!


  1. These small repairs give the quilt another chapter in its story. Besides, the dogs are too cute to have done it maliciously!

  2. I can't believe such an innocent looking pooch would chew any holes in such a pretty quilt!


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