Friday, March 1, 2013

Retirement Day two

Good morning! I guess old habits die hard, the dog got me up to go out at 6:20 am, I tried to go back to sleep afterwards, but it was a not going to happen. A most excellent time to blog.

Yesterday, I took Lily to the groomers for a spa day, then she had an appointment with the vet. She has been limping every day especially after snoozing on her pillow in the evenings.  Lily has injured her left back knee, the vet says its her cruciate ligament.  Now Lily is on a muscle relaxant and glucosamine pills, as well she has to rest. No more chasing rabbits at warp speed.
It is really hard to get a good photo of Lily on our walks, these were taken February 23 right after the snow plow cleared the public walkway in the park.  We got a big dump of snow on February 18 and again on February 21.
I don't know if you can tell from the photos, but this snowbank is taller than I am.  I'm guessing about six feet.
Our daily walk has been reduced to a short, short walk on lease for her to do her business. Lily is supposed to rest that knee as much as possible for a minimum of three weeks.  Of course, Lily doesn't understand about rest as English Springers are very active sporting dogs, keeping her quiet is going to be a major challenge.  We moved her kennel upstairs to my computer room.  Plus the vet feels Lily should loose another 8 pounds or 3.6 kilograms.  In May 2011, Lily was over weight at 64.9 pounds (29.50 kilograms).  I cut back her food and increased her exercise in May 2012 it was 58.52 pounds or 26.60 kilograms. Yesterday she was 53.24 pounds (24.2 kilograms).  I wish I had as much success taking weight off me as I do with my dog.
I wanted to show off her new hair cut but she was resting following her doctor's orders.
My wonderful husband bought me a retirement gift.  Doug was complaining the kids set the bar too high with the flowers and wine basket.  So Jason suggested he go shopping in a jewelery store.
Look at that....a simply gorgeous one karat brilliant diamond pendant!
That man has excellent taste in jewelery. He did real good at showing up the kids!
This is what my work desk looks like now.  Computer, monitor gone!  Yippee, I don't have to work any more.
Apparently, Lily doesn't know I retired, as her butt is parked where she sleeps when I was working.
These lovely retired ladies took me out to celebrate my birthday.  Our lunch date went from noon to 3 pm, followed by a wee bit of shopping.  I bought this pillow.
Today I plan to phone my mother, finish sewing dinner napkins for Shannon, bake bread and possibly make dinner for Doug.
Happy Friday all, hope you have a super duper day.


  1. Tammy, congrats on your retirement! It's a big adjustment but you'll find your "groove" in no time. Enjoy!

  2. Looks like you are settling into retirment nicely. Nice diamond rock, by the way! Its always lovely get get spoilt now and then.

  3. Sounds like retirement is suiting you well :o)

    Hope Lily heals up soon.


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