Friday, April 12, 2013

Aloha welcome to Tammy's Hawaiian Adventure

We left home on Wednesday April 10th, to catch our early flight from Winnipeg to Vancouver on Thursday. We were at the Winnipeg airport at 5 am (which is midnight in Hawaii).  Our plane left Vancouver at 10:05 am and we landed safely in Honolulu at 1:05 local time (6:05 pm Manitoba time).
My front yard, as you can see we are enjoying a late spring.  I saw a brown rabbit hoping along last week, obviously he didn't the email that winter has been prolonged in Manitoba.
Deck view the snow is starting to melt on the areas that were snow blown away from the house and Lily's racetrack.
Our backyard.  I'm trying something new with this camera using the date stamp.  Not liking it very much, will most likely turn it off today.
It was late almost dark and I was too tired to take good photos.  There will be better ones today once the sun rises. In Hawaii I turned on the camera's gps and lost the time stamp on the photos. 
Dear Readers do you have any ideas what the little flecks are in these photos...water? 

Today we make two trips back to Honolulu airport to pick up Jason & Karyann at noon, followed by Shannon & AJ at 6:30 pm. 

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