Monday, April 29, 2013

Under the sea - snorkeling in Punalu'u, Oahu, Hawaii

About a mile out to sea, where the surf is breaking, is a long reef .  It protects the beach side, creating ideal conditions for water play activities. On the beach side the water ranged from knee to chest deep, with lots of sandy bottom, coral, rocks, and sea life.  On the ocean side, the water depth was approximately 70 feet.  Every day we saw people fishing from the shore with long fishing rods anchored in the beach with a bell attached to announce when a fish strikes.  As well as folks using snorkel gear with spears for octopus and fish.
It was the first time I ever went snorkeling.  Swimming in the moving water, breathing with a snorkel, while trying to take pictures, is not an easy feat.  Talk about multi-tasking sheesh!
The vibrant colours and textures were amazing.
I'm delighted with the Canon PowerShot D20 waterproof camera. It performed flawlessly.
 This is my favourite photo of all the ones I took under the sea.
 These fish kept swimming away, they refused co-operate.
 Coral is very sharp, I was careful not to touch it or step on it.
Shannon went further into the ocean than I did, she was closer to the reef. Below are her photos.
This sea turtle swam a complete circle around her.  It was the highlight of her snorkeling adventure.
 I think her photos are amazing.
Dear readers, have you ever gone snorkeling?  If yes, where? when? did you take pictures?  Thanks tons for visiting my blog and allowing me to share my Hawaiian adventure with you.


  1. Yes, I have been snorkelling, on the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia. AMAZING! It was during my honeymoon with hubby. I had snorkelled often at beaches as a young kid but never so far out surrounded by stunning coral and a huge array of ocean life, incl. very colourful fish. Its something I will never forget.
    Seeing sea turtles is a very special thing.

  2. Hey could you point out where exactly this was? Was it all the way out at the reef where the waves break?

    1. No it was not all the way out to the reef where the waves break, about three quarters of the way. But the closer we got to the waves the more sea turtles we saw. This area has lots of corral and all kinds of colourful fish. This part of the sea was directly in front of the beach house we rented.
      I photographed this seal about ten yards east of the house and about 25 feet from shore.


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