Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hawaii fun - early morning walk on the beach

This is what I saw:
This bird hangs out in our yard, but he is very camera shy.
Just before sunrise.
This is the view in front of our beach house.  The property manager tells me the property line is 51 feet in the ocean.  The sandbags remind us of Manitoba flooding, so we are right at home.
 Our beach house, I know tuff life eh?
 Low tide.
 Sand crab hole, reminds me of prairie gophers.
 Sand crab, way too small to eat.
I found him upside down and flipped him over right side up. 
I'm certain it would have righted itself when the tide came in.
When the tide comes in the crabs hang on to the rocks.
 Beach walk day two with Shannon & AJ.
 It was a beautiful morning.
Shannon & Me enjoying Hawaii.

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