Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bait, Shrimp, Coconut water drink and shopping

This morning while we were walking along we found a dead octopus washed up on the beach.  Shannon immediately saw bait for fishing or to put in a lobster trap.  I found an old piece of rope, looped it around the head.  Shannon proudly carried it home.
It was really flexible and moist when we found it, but some critters must have been chewing on it.  Only one tentacle left.
Shannon put it in a bait box, tied a bouy to it and put out in the ocean in front of  our beach house.

This shrimp shack was featured on the food network.  It is less a one mile walk from the house.  I had the mild spiced garlic shrimp, Jason had the hot spiced garlic shrimp.
Shannon had a combo plate of coconut shrimp and crab cakes.
AJ had the garlic shrimp.  It was all super yummy, only now I'm sure we all have garlic breath.
Yesterday we went shopping we picked up coconut rum and young coconuts.  Today we chopped the tops off, added coconut rum and a straw.  These drinks were delicious.  After the drink was done we scooped the coconut meat out with a spoon it is really soft.
AJ doesn't like coconuts, rum or having his photo taken.  Fortunately for me he loves Shannon.
We also bought fresh fruit, veggies and fish at markets along the highway, as well as grocery/liquor store and stocked up the house.
The kids have been kayaking, swimming and playing on the beach.
Tomorrow Doug, Jason,Shannon and AJ are going deep sea fishing.  Karyann and I will most likely go shopping in Honolulu.  Looks like it will be a most excellent day.

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